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About Us

Anoveda is your ultimate destination for certified pure medicines and expert online treatment. Whether you’re an individual seeking holistic healing or a medicine wholesaler looking for reliable products, Anoveda has you covered. Our extensive range of certified pure medicines, including herbal, Ayurvedic, nutraceuticals that ensure you receive the highest quality care.

For individual patients, Anoveda’s online treatment platform connects you with experienced health experts who guide you through personalized treatment plans, all from the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to convenient healing.

Wholesalers and stockists, partner with Anoveda to meet the demands of your customers effortlessly. Our commitment to purity, certifications, and years of experience guarantee your success in providing the best products on the market.

Our Story

Anoveda Healthcare Pvt Ltd was founded by Mrs. Annapurna Pareek and Dr. Yashwant Kumar Pareek. Dr. Pareek is a renowned proctologist specializing in anorectal diseases.

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Pareek had already established the leading anorectal clinic chain in Rajasthan called Shankar Piles Clinic and Research Center Pvt Ltd. Inspired by his late grandfather, the renowned Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Shankar Lal Pareek. Dr. Yashwant Pareek inherited a wealth of formulations and knowledge passed down through generations of dedicated practice.

Throughout these 15 years, Dr. Pareek encountered numerous transformations and identified significant gaps within the ayurvedic healthcare industry, specifically in the realm of anorectal health. In response to these challenges, he took the initiative to establish Anoveda Healthcare Pvt Ltd. By conducting extensive testing on thousands of patients, the company steadily expanded and achieved remarkable success.

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