Kankayanam gulika


Kankayanam gulika is an effective ayurvedic medicine for all types of piles and it’s helpful to prevent anal bleeding, bloating, gastric problems, abdominal lumps, intestinal worms diseases.

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Kankayanam gulika

Kankayanam gulika contains many herbs in tablet form it is useful to treat of all grades of piles and gives you relief in swelling, inflammation, and all other symptoms like bleeding, bloating, gastric problems, abdominal lumps, intestinal worms, and other anorectal related diseases without any side effects.


  • Helpful for abdominal lumps.
  • Prevent excessive bleeding.
  • Treats bloating and intestinal worms.
  • It gives you relief in anal pain and swelling.

Dadimah, Hingu, Sathi, Danti, Upakuncika, Vaca, Jiraka, Sunthi, Yavakshar, Amlavetasah, Subaha, Citrakah, Asalika, etc.

Dosage and directions for use:
As directed by the physician.



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